From YELP:

These guys are truly exceptional in their service ethic.  We needed a very tall diseased tree removed from our back yard.  We got a fast, reasonable estimate and the work was scheduled immediately because of the danger of falling.  What really impressed me was the care they took in saving the surrounding plants when they ground the stump.  And the clean-up was amazing.  After they left, it was as if they had never been there – no damage, no mess.  They also threw in some other trimming work on adjacent trees free of charge.  I would recommend them without reservation.

-Janet Z.


They just finished cutting down a MONSTER tree on the side of our house and did an amazing job.  Really super pro guys!  All the right equipment and the team were obviously experienced and knew exactly how to work together to make it all happen.  I was also impressed by the “extras” that the owner offered to throw in at no charge including: removing another medium size tree, trimming branches off  other trees near the house, and cleaning up debris that was on our yard from past storms.
We had 10 other estimates for this huge job and I am grateful we chose Moore & Wright.

-Caroline S.

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